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Are you looking for professional supervision?

You’re in the right place!

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My Supervision Style 

As a Board Approved Supervisor, I aim to up-skill you with the knowledge, skills and abilities to feel confident and shine as a practitioner.

My style is warm, affirming, relaxed, empowering, and light-hearted. I believe in the importance of providing a space that is safe, supportive and encouraging, but also gently providing you with feedback when you ask for it.


I like to ‘keep it real’ by sharing my own challenges as an auDHDer  therapist, and ‘mistakes’ that I’ve made along the way, and lead with compassion. In sessions, I’m flexible and led by you and your needs on the day.


Being a therapist can be difficult, right? So my job when working with you is to be your cheer squad. I won’t judge you - you are safe with me.


You are a therapist AND a human, so in supervision I want to also hear about how you’re feeling and coping. I hope we can have some fun and laughs along the way too.

Who I supervise

  • Fully registered psychologists

  • Other mental health professionals (such as social workers, counsellors and psychotherapists)

  • Those working in the public or private sector


I enjoy providing supervision to my neurokin in particular.

Areas of supervision

  • Neuro-affirming case management, particularly in high-masking adults

  • Autism assessments using a neuro-affirming approach

  • Differential diagnoses for autism and adhd

  • Therapy skills in ACT, DBT, Schema, CFT and EMDR

  • Counselling skills

  • Report writing using affirming language (note that I don’t share copies of my own reports)

  • EDS/HSD (bendy people), chronic fatigue, pain, POTS, etc

  • Trauma, PTSD and EMDR

Areas that I don’t provide supervision in:

  • AHPRA complaints

  • Court reports

  • 4 + 2 pathway (I prefer not to)

  • One-off sessions for critical incident debriefing


Supervision is provided Australia-wide via Telehealth
Sessions are 50 minutes in duration- the investment for a sessio
n is $220 +GST

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