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Fees and Rebates


  • 1:1 therapy via Zoom is $260 for 50 minutes

  • Payment is required on the day of your session- we prefer bank transfer, but you can use credit card (there is a 1.8% fee charged to you)

  • Rebates from Medicare are provided if you have a Mental Health Care Plan

  • Rebates are processed by us, and come back into your account within @ 1- 3 days

  • Rebates from private health funds may also be available but cannot be used with Medicare rebates. Please contact your health fund for more information

  • Clients who have NDIS packages may use their funding to cover the fees for therapy if their package is self-managed (we charge above plan-managed rates)

Autism and ADHD Assessments

Simple 1-2 page letter

  • Autism assessment + letter- $1300 (not suitable to apply to NDIS)

  • **note that I don't provide a service for a simple letter to assess for ADHD- this is not good practice


Comprehensive report

  • Autism only assessment + report- $2000

  • Autism and ADHD assessment + report- $2500

  • Payment is done in 2 parts- the first payment is required prior to your interview- your invoice is sent out a week prior. Part 2 is sent out a week before your report is written

  • We prefer a bank transfer, but you can use a credit card (you will need to pay a 1.8 % fee)

  • Medicare rebates for assessments only apply to people 24 years and younger-a paediatrician or psychiatrist (NOT GP) needs to refer you for an assessment- the rebate is $190

  • NDIS do not pay for Autism assessments

  • If you would like to have a session with me first, please book in directly on line- the cost is $260, and payment is required at the time of booking. This is in addition to the overall fee for an assessment


  • $220 (plus GST)

General Points

  • Please note that fees are subject to change and are typically reviewed each January and July

  • We do not offer payment plans sorry

  • We do not offer reduced fees- we already have a number of long-term clients who pay a low fee to ensure that our service is accessible. Consider checking with your local university clinic for low cost therapy and assessments 

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