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Autism Assessments and NDIS Funding

Do you suspect that you’re autistic? Are you wondering if you could get funding from the NDIS with a so called 'ASD Assessment'?


You’ve come to the right place 😊


As a clinical psychology registrar, I have extensive experience in writing autism assessment reports for NDIS submissions. With over 50 reports accepted by the NDIS, I am well-versed in the specifics of what needs to be included. I've spent numerous hours in targeted supervision with an NDIS Advocate, learning how to craft reports that meet their criteria. Writing these reports is like learning a new language—you need to know the lingo! As an NDIS participant myself, I bring personal experience to help you navigate the system effectively.


Additionally, as a clinical psychology registrar set to become fully clinically endorsed in April 2025, I can provide the necessary documentation for NDIS acceptance. The NDIS will accept a single report from a clinical psychologist, whereas assessments from a generalist psychologist often require a supplementary report from a psychiatrist or occupational therapist (or a signature from a clinically endorsed psychologist).


For more information, you can refer to the official guidelines here:


According to these guidelines:

"Autism can be diagnosed by either a specialist multi-disciplinary team or a single paediatrician, psychiatrist, or clinical psychologist experienced in these assessments and presentations."


I have received extensive training and supervision from a range of expert psychologists, ensuring my approach in autism assessments is both neuro-affirming and evidence-based. This balance is crucial for creating reports that are compelling enough to secure NDIS funding.


It’s important to note that a diagnosis alone does not guarantee NDIS acceptance.


You might think that being 'high functioning' disqualifies you from support, but levels are based on the support needed. Consider how you would function without your current support structures—without technology, cleaners, to-do lists, etc. If at least one area of your life is significantly impacted (e.g., self-care is challenging, or you struggle to engage with the community), this indicates a need for support.


Send me an email to arrange an autism assessment today 😊

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