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Neurodivergent Affirming Resources

Like most neurodivergent people I’ve had a laser-like focus on the topic of neurodiversity affirming resources since my neurotype discovery. I’ve spent several years scouring the internet, devouring books, listening to podcasts, and joining various on-line communities to learn as much as I can.

Keep in mind that I see adults only (and most clients identify as female or AFAB folk), so these resources are focused towards these populations. However, I'm also a parent of two autistic kids, so I have some recommended readings on that too!

This is only a collection of my favourite ones- maybe the top 10%.. (I haven’t got the spoons to do a more comprehensive one currently).

Other things to note:

  • This is current as of July 2024

  • These should all contain clickable links!

Books for Adults

*I’ve chosen Amazon links, since I love how quick they come in the post..

My top pick: - We're all Neurodiverse (Sonny Jane Wise) ...I just loved this book, and I love Sonny!


Other Stuff to Buy (Must haves!!)

These are your basic three items to buy as a starting point. The items below are not necessarily neurodivergent affirming, but they are must-have items at a bare minimum for newly identified autistic folk...

Books for Parents of ND Kids

I'm a mum of two neurodivergent kids, and have devoured a lot of books- here are my top ones to recommend...

PLEASE don’t get into ABA therapy, ‘zones of regulation’, CBT, and other approaches that are not gentle nor affirming- go with your gut, and what feels 'right' and respectful to your child





*so many to list- but these are my current 'go-tos', as of July 2024



*the first two listed here are my absolute favourite thought leaders, and wonderful presenters at the 2024 YellowLadybugs conference- you MUST follow their pages!!

Other Bits and Bobs

Hmm… I wasn’t sure where to chuck these- so created a new subheading

Academic Articles

Are you a research nerd like me? Here are a just a few interesting articles to read (amongst massive lists that I have!)

Please share neurodivergent affirming resources that you've found!

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