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Adult ADHD Assessment

Welcome to your safe space

"A person with ADHD has the power of a Ferrari engine but with bicycle-strength brakes"
- Edward Hallowell

Adult ADHD Assessments

Do you have a constant feeling of having 100 internet browser tabs open?


ADHD in adult women is poorly recognised, underdiagnosed and undertreated in adults in Australia (it is NOT overdiagnosed!)

ADHD presents differently in adult women then it does in children. Women presenting with ADHD tend to present in a more subtle manner, mostly due to years of having to create mechanisms of coping and or overcompensating to help deal with the difficulties faced in daily living.​


In addition, diagnostic overshadowing from various mental health conditions may delay recognition of ADHD in females.

Individuals with a diagnosis of ADHD will NOT grow out of the diagnosis- the symptoms of ADHD change over time from childhood to adulthood.​


What are the common signs of adult ADHD in women? 

ADHD in women is complicated by gender role expectations, and shame and self-blame fuel the interplay between societal expectations and ADHD symptoms. ADHD in women may look like:

  • not giving close attention to details or making careless mistakes in activities

  • trouble holding attention on tasks

  • not following through on instructions and failing to finish duties (e.g., losing focus, getting side-tracked)

  • trouble organizing tasks and activities

  • getting easily distracted

  • forgetfulness in daily activities

  • low mood and anxiety

  • rejection sensitivity dysphoria

  • and so on

ADHD is one of the most treatable psychological concerns!​​


What can I expect?

  • I balance a gentle approach with providing a comprehensive assessment including clinical interview and executive function assessments.

  • This assessment requires a 1 - 1.5 hour telehealth interview- the tool I use is highly regarded- the ‘DIVA-5’.

  • Other assessments are completed online. Assessments used include an ADHD screener (ASRS), executive function (BRIEF, CAARS2/Conners 4), DIVA clinical interview, and Autism screeners (we need to be thorough!)

  • I also use observational data, and review data from your loved ones (where available- don't stress!)

  • The sessions are done via videoconferencing using Zoom. 

  • Feel free to have a support person, pet, and favourite fidget toy with you

  • My assessments are affirming and casual- feedback I’ve had is that it feels like friends chatting, and that you get to discover so much more about yourself.

  • One key ability of mine is to assess high masking and late identified female ADHD neurotypes….also those who were diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, or just 'anxiety'.

  • Due to my clinical training and expertise, I’m able to tease out differential diagnoses and provide diagnostic clarity.



  • Insight and validation- an assessment can help to better understand yourself at a deeper level, bringing insight and validation

  • Better mental health- having a diagnosis helps to indicate which treatment is best for you

  • Identify strengths- assessments are also about unpacking your key strengths

  • Connection- having a formal diagnosis will help connect you to your neurokin

  • Adjustments and support- having a diagnosis allows you to have more adjustments and support at work, and at uni/TAFE

  • Self compassion- the process helps with self-compassion

Autism assessments and adhd assessments

The Process



Please email us to arrange a time to book in.



Complete between 5-7 online questionnaires. You'll also be emailed a form to complete about your background and development. 




Email any relevant reports and additional reflections (don't stress if you have none!) Loved ones (‘informants’) also complete online questionnaires.



Join me for a 1 hour interview, also known as a 'discovery session'- this is informal, and will feel like a chat. This can be done from anywhere around the world. I may email additional tests after if needed.




I'll email you the report, and you're welcome to suggest changes required.  

Image by Igor Son

What you get

  • Your report will give you excellent insight into your profile- it will validate the areas that you have struggled with, and also highlight key strengths.

  • Reports are comprehensive and include some functional impacts, strengths, recommendations, and next steps. 

  • You can use this for workplace and university accomodations

  • If you would like a letter for university or your workplace, this should ideally be tailored to your needs with specific recommendations- a basic letter can be included free of charge, but a tailored letter will be charged in addition to the overall fee.


  • The cost for an ADHD assessment is: $2000, which includes a full report.

  • I do not provide a simple letter option, given this is not best practice in my opinion 

Can you prescribe ADHD medication? 

  • No, only a psychiatrist can. Please note you do not need an assessment from a psychologist for ADHD in order to receive medication.

  • In most cases, it is easier and more cost effective to go straight to a psychiatrist.

Do Medicare rebates apply for adult ADHD assessments? ​

  • Medicare rebates do not apply for adult ADHD assessment sessions (you won't find any psychologist who can give you a rebate via Medicare for an an autism or ADHD assessment)

  • We do not give discounts for Health Care Cards, and do not offer payment plans sorry- please consider testing via a local university for low fee options

Next Steps

  • To book an appointment, email us with your name, mobile number, preferred day and time. We look forward to meeting you!

Ready to get going?

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